Club Veedub Sydney has a general monthly meeting on the third Thursday of each month. This is the regular opportunity for members, friends and guests to get together socially and talk about VWs in a comfortable and convivial atmosphere. Does the idea of a car club monthly meeting sound a bit boring? Many of them are – ours are not.

Many car club and motoring association meetings tend to drone on for ages with endless goings over of the previous minutes, financial transactions, detailing and voting on every letter in and out, and moving the motions and seconding and thirding and on and on. Yawn! Zzzzz.

We don’t do that stuff!

We have reviews of past events, and we tell you about coming events. Club business is restricted to the Secretary telling us about what we got in the mail; the Treasurer tells us if we have have money; the Editor and Webmaster report on the magazine and website, and the Librarian on any new VW books or movies. We have raffles and VW quizzes, maybe a guest speaker or a film, and any VW 'general business' you like. Most importantly, there's plenty of beer break time to just talk VWs with your fellow VW owners.

We meet at:

The Greyhound Social Club Ltd
140 Rookwood Rd

On the third Thursday of the month – from 7:30pm for 8:00pm start
All members and their families are welcome to attend, as are all visitors and VW enthusiasts. The meeting normally finishes at about 9:45pm. We all enjoy a beer, but please drink responsibly - or bring a designated driver.

For those more interested in the nuts and bolts running of the Club, the committee meets at the same venue on the second Thursday of the month (ie. the week before). Members are also welcome to attend and help out, if you wish.

To see when the next meetings are on, check the Club Calendar.