About Us

Welcome to the Club Veedub Sydney website!

Club VeeDub was founded in 1985 to cater exclusively for the owners of all Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. We are Australia's premier Volkswagen club with members in every Australian state (and overseas too), but most of our members live in Sydney, where we are based. The club's logo reflects this - a combination of VW's Wolfsburg Crest with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We used to be called 'Club VW', but when we became incorporated in the 1990s we couldn't use a trademarked name ('VW'), so we used 'Veedub' instead. Some people just call us the Veedub Club, or the VW Club of Sydney, or even the VW Club of NSW, but officially we are Club Veedub.

Our goal is to keep as many Volkswagens on Australian roads for as long as possible. We aim to do this by helping owners maintain their interest, enthusiasm and love for their VWs, because as we like to say, "The Legend Never Dies!" We cater for all VW and Audi tastes: restoration, modification, competition, vintage and modern, air and water-cooled, show cars and daily drivers.

Our club magazine Zeitschrift is published monthly in both print form and digital PDF. It has all the latest VW news, tech tips, how-tos, for-sales, coming events, VW history and lots of other VW stuff. We think it's the biggest and best VW club magazine in Australia. At the link you'll find all the issues from 2007 available for downloading, plus lots of re-edited stuff from 1985-2006. The latest issues are for members only.

Our monthly Meetings are informal and good fun. We don't have that boring 'moving the motion that the minutes be seconded' stuff. Instead we have raffles, quizzes, presentations and lots of time to chat VWs with other enthusiasts, some with a VW just like yours. You'll learn more about your VW! Visitors are very welcome, so we'd love to see you and your VW at the next one.

We list all our coming meetings and events in the Club Calendar. You'll see the regular monthly meetings on the third Thursday of each month, plus all the club runs, show n shines, social events and activites that we attend. All VW owners are welcome to come along to any event.

Our biggest VW event of the year is the VW Nationals every May. It's a two-day festival of all things Volkswagen. Saturday is a VW Supersprint for the motorsport enthusiast, and Sunday is the VW car show (45 trophy categories!) and swap meet, with trader stands, club shop, entertainment and plenty of food and drink. Don't miss Australia's biggest VW show.

There are plenty of VW information, reference and Australian history pages here for you to explore. In fact, we think you'll find more content here than any other VW club site in the world! If you have any comments or suggestions, please Contact Us.

Join Club Veedub!

If you own a Vollkswagen, old or new, why not become a member of Club Veeduv Sydney? You'll get the latest Zeitschrift every month, plus a member card for VW parts and service discounts from our sponsors, access to the Club's book, DVD and tool libraries, the Historic Rego scheme, and even a CAMS licence for racing if you wish.

For information on how to become a member, Click Here.